Join the College Ready Academy

Students enrolling in two-year colleges take placement tests to determine which classes to take to begin their college education.

If your placement scores indicate that pre-college coursework is needed (English, reading, math, listening, speaking), MCTC has an exciting opportunity for you to consider: The College Ready Academy.

If you are a new or a returning student who is planning to enroll for 12 credits or more for fall semester, consider the many benefits of enrolling in the College Ready Academy:

  • You and your classmates will take College Ready Academy pre-college classes together as a group. You can easily form a study group outside the classroom to support each other’s success.
  • A First-Year Experience course is included with your College Ready Academy classes to help you choose your major, develop study skills and adjust to college life.
  • You will work with an assigned advisor to develop a clear plan to complete your intended program of study in 3 years or less. At that time you will graduate with a degree, diploma or certificate or transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Your College Ready Academy registration will include free tutoring that is built into your class schedule.

Check out the College Ready Academy brochure for more information and this semester’s course schedule. For more information about College Ready Academy, call Julie Poyzer at 612-659-6767.

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One Response to Join the College Ready Academy

  1. Ms J says:

    Wow, this sounds like it is taylor made for me. Built in tutors to help with classwork, while I reacquaint myself with college life. This is great. I plan to attend the entire year of 2011. I plan to become a Registered Dietician, I am on the move. It’s so good to know I will have the assistance I need right at my fingertips. Start the engines!!!!!

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