Xcel Energy Foundation Gives $30,000 to MCTC Foundation for Scholarships

Xcel Energy Foundation

Nasreen Mohamed, Ayan Aware (Power of YOU student), Jeff Custer of Xcel Energy, Dan Brasch, MCTC President Phil Davis, Paul Adelmann of Xcel Energy

The Xcel Energy Foundation recently donated $30,000 to the Minneapolis Community and Technical College Foundation for Power of YOU scholarships. The Power of YOU program provides two years of free college to low‐income high school graduates of Minneapolis and St. Paul public and charter schools.

The Xcel Energy Foundation is a founding funder of the Power of YOU, a program that has tripled the enrollment of recent urban high school graduates enrolling at MCTC and its partner institutions. Overall, the program has had a significant impact on increasing student success and graduation rates, compared to data from similar student groups prior to the Power of YOU program.

Xcel Energy supports programs that enhance and improve student achievement in science, technology, engineering, economics and math. In their current round of grants, 48 programs received $570,500 in funding to support programs for students from kindergarten through college.

“The Xcel Energy Foundation has been a tremendous partner for the Power of You and we are very appreciative of their generosity,” said Reede Webster, executive director of the MCTC Foundation. “In five years, nearly 2000 students have been provided an opportunity to attend college through the Power of YOU program.”

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