Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to Stay Open even if State Government Shuts Down

‪We are pleased to announce that MCTC and all state colleges and universities will stay open if the state government shuts down this summer. ‬

‪The official MnSCU news release:‬

‪June 15, 2011‬

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to stay open even if state
government shuts down

‪The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system will remain open‬
‪this summer even if other parts of state government shut down July 1,‬
‪system officials announced today. ‬

‪Officials were notified Wednesday by Gov. Mark Dayton’s office that‬
‪the system will receive the support needed from Minnesota Management and‬
‪Budget to continue operations on July 1, even if other parts of state‬
‪government shut down. ‬

‪The governor’s petition to the state district court said that‬
‪“operations of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities will‬
‪continue based on its statutory and practical financial autonomy and its‬
‪balance carry-over authority.” ‬

‪Chancellor James H. McCormick thanked all officials who worked to‬
‪assure the system’s continued operation. “We are deeply appreciative‬
‪of the governor’s action to support uninterrupted instruction and‬
‪services at the state colleges and universities,” McCormick said.‬
‪“This is a critical time for the 67,000 students taking summer‬
‪session courses at our schools and for the tens of thousands of students‬
‪preparing to enroll in the fall term.”‬

‪The action means that Management and Budget will provide payroll and‬
‪other payment processing for the system. The higher education‬
‪appropriations bill awaits resolution with other state operating‬
‪budgets. The system already has statutory authority to use existing‬
‪tuition and other receipts in the new fiscal year that starts on July 1.‬

‪Once the agreement is reached, it is expected that layoff notices that‬
‪were sent to 6,000 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities employees‬
‪will be rescinded and salaries and benefits to employees will continue.‬

‪The system’s continued operation through the summer term will be‬
‪funded through tuition receipts and fund balances at each of the‬
‪colleges and universities. ‬

‪“Both the governor and Legislature have recognized the critical role‬
‪that higher education has in fueling the state’s economy and improving‬
‪the lives of all Minnesotans, and this will be welcome news for our‬
‪students and our campuses” said Scott Thiss, chair of the system’s‬
‪Board of Trustees. ‬

‪The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system comprises 32 state‬
‪universities and community and technical colleges serving the higher‬
‪education needs of Minnesota. The system serves about 277,000 students‬
‪per year in credit-based courses and an additional 157,000 students in‬
‪non-credit courses.‬

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