Sustainability Fair

Sustainability FairApril 27
10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
MCTC’s T Building Skyway

“One Planet, Many Voices”

Come to the annual Sustainability Fair and learn what you can do to ‪live more sustainably with all life on our beautiful planet. Environmental organizations and speakers will share important information about their sustainability efforts. Sign up for a chance to win raffle prizes (State park pass, co-op gift certificates), get your bike repaired for free, drink organic Peace coffee and tea. Most importantly, talk to people about what you care about!

This event is free and open to all. Presented by the Three-Legged Frog ‪Environmental Club‬. Our goal is to have a waste free event.

Speaker Schedule

11 a.m.: Three-Legged Frog Presents: Power Shift 2011 Panel Discussion
Last week, 10,000 young leaders converged on Washington, DC to stand up for our future. Eight Three-Legged Frog members were among them. This generation is the largest in American history, and it is up to us to shift the power from big polluters to the people! We will share our experience with you and discuss the crucial needs our community has for a sustainable, clean energy future.

12 p.m.: Corrine Bruning & Collie Graddick – Building Local Resilience: Energy and Food Systems
Corrine Bruning is a former Three-Legged Frog member and president. She will be presenting on the Transition Town movement and her personal experiences in facilitating Transition Town Phillips in south Minneapolis. The aim of Transition Town is to equip communities for the dual challenges of climate change and peak oil, looking at across-the-board creative adaptations in the realms of energy production, health, education, economy and agriculture as a “road map” to a sustainable future for the town. Collie Graddick is an educator, farmer, food justice advocate, consultant with the MN Department of Agriculture and facilitator of the Coop Project. He has recently led a series of workshops on how to build a Neighborhood Level Sustainable Food System.

1 p.m.: Alphonce Nicholaus & Donovan LaLonde: Sustainability from Minnesota to Tanzania
Alphonce graduated from the U of M in Environmental Science, Policy and Management and is currently in the Masters Program for Geographic Information Sciences. He will share how his commitment to both the environment and human well-being has developed. He plans to return to his homeland, Tanzania, to work on environmental conservation, such as working with both children and adults on tree planting projects. Donovan, currently a U of M student, is majoring in Communications, with a minor in Sustainability Studies. He has designed an innovative sustainability manual for the U of M campus and looks forward to applying his unique combination of environmental knowledge and human understanding to his future work. (Both Alphonce and Donovan are former MCTC students and were active members of Three-legged Frog.)

2 p.m.: VIDEO: Majora Carter – Momentum 2011 Series
Majora Carter simultaneously takes on public health, poverty and climate change adaptation as one of the nation’s pioneers of environment-centered urban renewal and green-collar job training and placement. She began her remarkable career trajectory by founding Sustainable South Bronx in 2001 to bring community-building jobs and a healthier environment to the neighborhood in which she grew up.

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