Kathleen DeVore Sheerin Recognized as 2011 Outstanding Educator

Kathleen DevoreCongratulations to Kathleen DeVore Sheerin, English Instructor at MCTC, who was recognized as one of the 33 faculty designated by MnSCU presidents as “Outstanding Educators.” These faculty were nominated for the Board of Trustees 2010-2011 Educator of the Year Award for Excellence in Teaching. All Outstanding Educators will be recognized, and the Educator of the Year awards will be announced on April 20.

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7 Responses to Kathleen DeVore Sheerin Recognized as 2011 Outstanding Educator

  1. Jeana Knox-Gibson says:

    YEH!! She def. earned this…She was my instructor for Eng 900 and 1110..SHE IS WONDERFUL! One of the Best instructors at MCTC.

  2. aqueelah Whitfield says:

    She is fantastic, she was my English instructor for English 900 and 1110. I can still go to her for advice, and that’s one of the reason, why she is so great. The fact that her students can still look to her even after finishing her class,she still has that extra time.

  3. sara sica says:

    How exciting! That is great Kathleen, we wish you the best of luck on April 20th. Way to go:)

  4. Hey, Kathleen – what an honor! I am proud to call you a colleague and friend.

  5. Kristy says:

    Congratulations! A well deserved honor!

  6. Linda Russell says:

    Congratulations, Kathleen! We all know how good you are; now it’s time for broader recognition. Well earned and well deserved.

  7. Mayna Vang says:

    She is great!!! She loves what she is doing and she good at it. She is very helpful and one who makes big influence on her students!

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