Career Ready Scholarship Winners

This past summer the MCTC’s Foundation and Career Services were approached by an alumnus with a check for $500 and a great idea to help prepare students professionally. The thought was to offer a  $500 scholarship to students who participated in professional development learning opportunities. The Foundation agreed to help with the creation of a scholarship contest focused on professional development and also matched the $500 scholarship making it possible to have two winners.

To qualify for entry into the contest students needed to be in good academic standing. Students were required to participate in two workshops – resume writing and interview skill building. Those who completed the workshops provided by MCTC’s Career Services then needed to submit the resume they completed in the resume writing workshop. The resumes were reviewed by the Career Ready Scholarship Review Committee to determine who would make it to the final round. The final round was a networking session followed by mock interviews with the Review Committee members. The scholarship process proved to be a rigorous one but it truly paid off for all students who participated.

Twelve students made it to the final round. Many of them commented that they had learned so much through the process and felt much more prepared professionally. One student said, “Scholarship or no scholarship I already feel like I have won.” This sentiment was shared among all of the participants.

Giovanna Nido

Ritty Samreth

Each of the 12 students was interviewed three times. It was apparent that the interview skill building workshop really prepared them for this step. When the interviews concluded the committee members convened to determine the two scholarship recipients. After thoughtful consideration the committee chose two students whose resumes and interviews stood out among the rest: Ritty Samreth, whose career goal is to be an actuary and Giovanna Nido, who is studying photography and dreams of having her own photography business one day.

These two students truly earned the scholarship. They are grateful for all that they learned and for the money to help further their education. Giovanna says, “Each step of the process was both well defined and

invaluable. It taught me the proper way to prepare a resume and for a job interview. I want to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to compete for this scholarship and look forward to reinvesting it into my education.”

Like Giovanna, Ritty feels much more prepared professionally, “I feel the scholarship was a bonus. The information and insights acquired during this process are invaluable. I’ve acquired an advantage. I’ve increased the probability of greater opportunities and ultimately a better future.”

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