Janet M. Tauer Elected President of the Mid-America Association of Educational Program Personnel

Janet M. Tauer, director of the Educational Opportunity Center at MCTC, has been voted President-Elect of the regional Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (MAEOPP). Established in 1975, MAEOPP advocates for low income, first generation, and disabled students, who are the least likely to enroll in and obtain a college degree.

MAEOPP is a non-profit consortium professionally representing colleges, universities, and agencies that host federal TRiO programs and similar educational opportunity programs in the Midwest. MAEOPP is a member organization of the internationally recognized Council for Opportunity in Education (COE). As president-elect and president, Janet will serve on the board of directors of COE. Janet will take office in November at the regional conference in Indiana.

Janet is in her 28th year leading, advocating and working with TRiO students with the MCTC Educational Opportunity Center, and in developing community relationships, and establishing sites, partnerships and collaborations on events.

Janet believes the need to advance the concerns of low income, first generation youth and adults has never been more essential. Rising costs of education, coupled with increases in numbers of people in poverty along with flagging government commitment, support and funding create a dire situation. She believes collaboration with similar college access programs and engagement with local foundations, higher education coalitions and businesses will increase our effectiveness and our capability to serve more students in need.

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10 Responses to Janet M. Tauer Elected President of the Mid-America Association of Educational Program Personnel

  1. Jessica Shryack says:

    Congratulations, Janet! Janet’s vision and passion for working for and with low-income and first-generation college students will surely drive MAEOPP forward.

  2. Nardos says:


  3. Sharon Margalli says:

    Congratulations Janet!

  4. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing you take your next leadership journey at the Regional Conf.

  5. Kristina Wagner says:

    Congratulations Janet! I’m cheering for you as live your Greatness!

  6. congratulations Janet!!

  7. Leo Anderson says:

    Congrats on being named the next President of MAEOPP. I know you will do a great job!

  8. Jill Krongard (Kwiatkowski) says:

    Congratulations Janet!

  9. Lila Johnson says:

    Congratulations, Janet!! You are doing commendable, valuable work & good for you for being rewarded!!!

  10. Laura-Ann Lewis says:

    Congratulations Janet!!!! Good luck on this great work.

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